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Beta update marks the end of the NDA for The Elder Scrolls Online: Legend

Today, behind the Elder Scrolls franchise’s award-winning developer, announced the latest to enter cyberspace, the legendary Elder Scrolls arrival of a new wave of information Bethesda. The game has been in closed beta for a couple of months, and has been operated under strict confidentiality agreements – which means that users may not contain or release the lens screenshots game content. Today is the release of NDA and players are invited through social media stream games, discuss or share their views on the game with friends.

Long-term players will be pleased to hear that the last weeks of characters used to wipe Elder Scrolls: Legend of the last one, which means that all progress and advancement award will not be deleted or delete your account. NDA decline accompanied by a large number of improvements, including fixes a variety of balance, more video to accompany the story missions, the long-awaited list of friends and so on.


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