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Monkey King Online Live beta

Two years had come and gone, and now it looked like the Dark Portal through which the Horde had entered Azeroth the first time—the portal that the Alliance had shut down at the end of the Second War—was going to be reopened. Or had already been reopened, Arthas wasn’t sure which, because nobody apparently seemed to want to bother to tell him anything. Even though he was going to become king one day.

Browser MMORPG game follows three weeks of the alpha test new features, a refined user experience, permanent role players.

The reality of the global game publishers million gamers (R2Games) today proudly announced the end of 7:00 AM PDT alpha testing, the Monkey King Online will immediately enter the beta. R2Games invite players to create permanent damage paradise server role player, and begin their adventure MMORPG serious.

Feedback is essential for any player alpha, alpha tested monkeys online rules. The player’s input, assistance in the past three weeks, resulting in a leaner, meaner monkey online. By focusing tutorials, PVP improved functionality and user interface on the system, players will return to find that the test provides a simplified browser online gaming experience.

New players and veterans alike will find many new features, including a complete new set of server events, two powerful God, a fully functional high-end shops. Ghost squad is set to expand further in the coming months, to develop a new business strategy toward the hero Monkey King online.

Monkey King Online is a free-to-play browser MMORPG inspired by the Chinese epic Journey to the West. Players select four ancient heroes, including a rebellious Monkey King himself, embarked on a search for peace in this broken world. Real-time combat is to strengthen the Eight Immortals, allowing the player the ability to change shape in the battle. Monkey King Online can enjoy alone, but has many powerful multiplayer modes, including team dungeons, PvP combat, competitive arena theater, and regional associations and associations fighting.

main feature:

Living Legend: MMORPG find a vibrant world, inspired by Chinese mythology …… in your browser!
Choose your hero: to become one of the four heroes from the trip, in the West, including the Monkey King himself
Just struggle: to bring peace and tough real-time combat heaven
Call Pat Sin: The original increase in combat powerful gods, new fairy month
Upgrade your equipment: Mastering the art of crafting, create the ultimate arsenal
Kingdom said: territorial conquest, in open world PvP guild


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