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Update: armored battle heads into get ahead today, has 1M registration

His son Jarim, crouching beside his father and the prince, laughed and so did Arthas, giggling uncontrollably even as hot and soggy foam from Brightmane’s champing mouth dropped onto his leg.

Gear up, tanker! Obsidian Entertainment My.com of armored warfare into the half alive today, with the start of the first early access period of the game. The server will be activated for a limited time, every night from May 27 to June 3, according to the following schedule:

EU Server:
18:00 – CEST on weekdays 21:00
17:00 – CEST on weekends 22:00

NA server:
20:00 – 23:00 ET weekdays
19:00 – midnight ET Weekend

Players will have to enter from layer 1 through 38 6 (T7 and T8 soon after the patch), four maps, upgrades, achievements, crews and commanders propulsion systems, and more. Obsidian show, more than one million players have signed Early Access testing, it may or may acquire by purchase or Founder of the package, if you’re lucky, to participate by registering on the website. You can play the game by purchasing a Founder of the package, starting at $ 14.99 early access.

Armored warfare you can find here in advance to get ahead of all the details and get early access means precisely, armored warfare in the long development blog here idea.


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