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You got your Duck Hunt in my Heroes of the Storm

Are you spending all your time playing Heroes of the Storm lately? Well, good news — you don’t even have to stop playing the game to play another game. Now you can play Duck Hunt — that’s right, those of you who remember the old light gun classic for the NES, that Duck Hunt — while you play Heroes.

As you can see above, this particular game within a game requires you to mouse around the trees on the main screen. According to Joshua Ehlers, there’s a specific spot to mouse over in order to trigger the game. Click on that spot to trigger the mini-game easter egg and begin blasting away at ducks on screen. I’m told the spot shakes, but I haven’t seen it do that. Still, watch for it if you’re having trouble clicking on the right spot.

Spoiler Warning: There’s a hidden Duck Hunt in the new Heroes patch. Click in the highlighted area to trigger it.

I’m not very quick with the mouse, so I’m not really very good at the game. And if you remember not being very good at the original Duck Hunt, well, Blizzard stayed faithful to that as well. Here’s what happens when you fail.

That’s right, the treasure goblin retrieves your duck if you manage to shoot it and laughs at you if you fail, just like the dog in the original game. Nice touch, if a bit demoralizing. So there you have it. Is this a harbinger of the end of all other games, as eventually we’ll be playing Tetris and Punch-Out while we’re playing Heroes? Most likely not, but it’s a fun little time waster if your last match stressed you out a bit.



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