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Diablo 3 Latest Guides and Issues on Ultimate Evil Edition

With the punctual release of the Ultimate Evil Edition, Diablo III once again splashed raining death and destruction across consoles by bringing Diablo III to Xbox One and PS4 for the first time and expanding the experience on Xbox 360 and PS 3. However, Diablo3star have seen some recurring questions pop up across the forums. Therefore, follow us to see the latest guides and issues on UEE.
Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition

Why most players fail to connect Diablo III on Xbox Live?

A lot of players have received following message when they attempted to play Diablo III Evil Edition on Xbox 360 and Xbox One: “The Diablo III server is not available at this time. Please try again later.” Due to this issue, Blizzard replied that a common factor linking affected you is having two Xbox One system connecting through one same route. If you are confronted with the same issue, then you can try just connect one instead.

Why a few PS4 players fail to claim their Infernal Pauldrons?

This issue appears to some players’ SEN accounts due to a license not probably applied after they have entered the item code. Fortunately, diablo3 have found out methods to help you deal with this issue:

1. Navigate to the Settings option on the PS4 Dynamic Menu;
2. Select “PSN”;
3. Select “Restore Licenses”;
4. Re-launch Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition and you should find your preorder item in your inventory.

What should I do first with this Ultimate Evil Edition?

After the Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition is available on consoles, you may be confused on what to do and how to do first. Indeed, among the biggest changes and additions in Reaper of Souls are the increased level cap which is now 70; the Crusader class, Adventure mode, and a fifth act.

There is a great huge of content for you to experience in Diablo III and Blizzard has also promised to devote more efforts to release regular updates for the Xbox One and PS4 versions in the future. Therefore, just choose you to play what you are interested in most and Diablo3 will try to offer you more latest guides and news in the future. Keep focused on our guides later.


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