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Well, if a woman has not submitted her life to the Lord, what makes you think she will kindly submit to you? It just won happen! When some women hear the word they automatically define the term to mean that they have to become a man doormat or servant. Instead, the term comes from the Greek word which means place under or an orderly fashion. In other words, in a committed relationship and in marriages, both parties are to work together, in an orderly fashion, to discuss and make decisions about issues within the household or relationship.

Economics 101. It might make Walker the darling of the tea party or republicans but public schools are hurting in Wisconsin. Trust me Try finding a DECENT dentist in the area that doesn’t treat you like a low class citizen, even while holding a FULL time job willing to PAY for services beyond what is covered.

I been following the planning for, progress on and sometimes disappointing execution of Long Bridge Park for years. I like the concept and I believe in the long term viability and value to the County, to its citizens, and to the region especially from the . I looking at the Park and the site right now.

People just choose not do and then cry like babies when they’re caught and hit where it hurts the wallet.I’m pretty sure the other two crimes are easier to adhere to, while i’m sure you keep within the, I am also sure at some point you have gone faster than the stated speed limit, over taking for example?Oh dear! Why does everyone get so vexed when the subject of cars/speed/fines etc comes up? :huh:I choose to ride a bike almost everywhere but I do have a car. I’m not perfect, I have gone over the speed limit numerous times, not by a lot but it happens. I got 3 points for doing not much over 30 when it was the wee hours, no one about BUT, the only person I can blame is ME.

Lunch is followed by an afternoon movie usually something that left theaters years ago then a big dinner and an evening of whatever the guards cooked up for us during the day. Often it’s a small play one of the guards wrote, or a game of charades; but every so often they surprise us with something new. (Last night was skeet shooting, for instance; though after the spat with G Murder my heart wasn’t in it.) After our evening games, everybody breaks up for violent homosexual sex, or discussion groups if the afternoon movie was particularly thought provoking..


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