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Dungeons & Dragons in 2015! Time to kick some ax!

Varian grimaced. The two were in the armory hall, sparring with helms, leather chest pieces, and wooden training swords. Varian went to the rack and hung up the training sword, removing his helm as he spoke. “I’m just surprised, because you’re athletic and fast.”

Dungeons & Dragons (DDO) just completed their 24th update Crazy Heart. What an amazing way to end this year. In Crazy Heart bystanders, mindflayers and tons of your battle demon lord. Outside the realm of madness in the comfort of your own computer. Because awesome because this is the end of this year DDO, 2015 more dungeon crawling goodness wait.

DDO grand poohbah, Robert Ciccolini has expressed some amazing things for the game next year. If the DDO team can pull it off, then the fans will be pleased with the new players will be phase in this awesome MMO.

One of the best things have been looking forward to is the player level cap from 25 to 30 moves, and finally you can make an epic level with their roles. In table games, 30 usually is the highest goal can be achieved.

DDO PIC 3They also teased us with a possible new mysterious warlock class. Traditional healers most famous Eldritch and Hellfire explosion (flame attack led growth, because they level) capability, fear aura, even summon the devil monsters as they fight a natural ability. They will be a great choice arcane spellcasters addition.

Now, let us get down to the meat all the new changes. Since most of your old classmates Desktop Dungeons (DND) players will remember, one of the greatest adventure module is “Temple of Elemental Evil.” This is Not Disturb to control their own, Gary Gygax. It was first run in 1985 as an independent venture. Because it was made into a video awesomeness adventure game in 2003 Troika Games and published by Atari. To make this even better, which is set in the world ashes eagle set, only module. So, DDO Greyhawk world is too soon to get through? Currently the main game set in Eberron and Forgotten Realms adventure world.

Whatever DDO’s plan is that everyone is pleased to see the new content coming. The new story, new monsters to fight champion, new classes and nostalgic gameplay. This new year is a win-win total of veteran and new players alike.


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