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Access into Diablo III ROS Treasure Realm in Patch 2.1 Release

Good news for you all! As reported on Treasure Realm before, it will be implemented on the Diablo III Reaper of Souls patch 2.1 release. Now it is on the PTR by using the same mechanic for the live game. Meanwhile, with the double number of the goblins on Diablo 3 RoS right now, Diablo3 would like to let you find your way into Treasure Realm or where the goblins warp to when they escape.

Greed’s Treasure Realm with D3 patch 2.1 release.

One of the best features of Diablo III RoS in patch 2.1 is Greed’s Treasure Realm. Those pesky goblins have their own parallel plane or world to Sanctuary where they dump all the gold, items and gems. With the Diablo III RoS Patch 2.1, there is a chance that they forget to close the portal they used to escape and they used to escape and you get to follow them in or use the portal if you killed them before they escape.

What you can find in the Treasure Realm?

This is where things get exciting for you to find in the Treasure Realm, which is littered with Diablo III gold, more gold and golden gold. There are literally piles of gold lying around and breakables which produce large explosions of gold. What’s more, even the monsters produce more Diablo 3 gold there.

Fight with Greed in Treasure Realm for more rewards.

The last stage of the Treasure Realm is a boss fighting with Greed-a huge, hulking, saggy-skin monster which is covered in jewels and treasure. If you can kill her, you will get a huge box drops which crushes her and allows you to squish her again and again. However, just ignore that, go straightly for the huge pile of treasure around her. Apart from Diablo III gold, you can also get a few Diablo III RoS Legendary itmes, lots of gems and more gold.

So what are you waiting for? Start the Nephalem Rifts, bounties or the new Season on Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1! Diablo3 supports you with safe power leveling and Diablo 3 gold all the time, this time, if you get Treasure Realm, you will be rewarded huge!


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