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Recruit a Friend Program in World of Warcraft

With the various kinds of mmo games available these days, it’s getting harsher and harsher to keep their own title at the top of the pile. In spite of the fact that World of Warcraft keep a crucial amount of the market’s share of subscribers and has surpass staggering records to reach its subscriber-base, the developers at Blizzard are fully aware that they can’t be sleeping giants on the matter and, even if they’re leading the pack, they still need to fight to keep their fanbase growing. Recently, the hot discussion of the game world was the new World of Warcraft token system which should let the gamers keep their mmorpg subscription alive cheaper and easier. The WOW gold value will expierence a big subversion

This new token system is such a great stimulate for existing and even returning fans of the mmorpg, but without a stream of new players coming through, the problem are still didn’t been solved that sustainably increasing the whole playerbase it just prevents decrease the rate of players leaving.

Under this situation, the developer company Blizzard has had to develop a different system the World of Warcraft Recruit a Friend Program. The Recruit a Friend Program keep the ball rolling, and Blizzard need to add a new perk to let players keep sending out the invitation.


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