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Cheap WOW Gold Makes You Get 100 Characters at Level 100 Quickly

World of Warcraft has run for ten years, and it is apparently rare for many people to have a dozen of characters at level 100. But wow players are never satisfied with what he is, and wow fans, Watola, has got 100 characters at level 100. Amazing, right? How many energies and wow gold have he spent?
“It is not a big deal to get 100 characters up to level 100”

Early in Mists, Watola had 20 characters up to level 100, so he claimed that it was that hard to level up extra 80 characters to 100. Besides, he thought it didn’t spend too many time in leveling.

Tips to get 100 level-100 characters

Watola started to work on this project at the end of Mists, with two accounts (each account is limited to 50 characters, so this is a must) to level two characters at once with Recruit-a-Friend bonuses. Always leveling with one tank meant getting into dungeons and clearing them, even solo, was easy XP. Getting to85 inthis way took Watola 5-8 hours, depending on the class — likely taking advantage of rested XP (easy to gain when leveling so many alts) and heirloom bonuses.

At level 85, a max-level hunter to farm Pandaria elites is very necessary with an alt. if elites are tagged by the alt before being killed by thr hunter, the alt would get full experience for. This would earn a level every 20 or 30 minutes with full rested, and Watola would cycle through rested alts to maximize XP gain.

At 90, Watola led his alts to Timeless Isle and geared them up to an average ilvl of 507 to be ready for questing in Warlords.

On Draenor, Watola headed to garrison missions that awarded player XP and got clearing each game zone down to a science, minimizing time spent out questing on each alt. the following are the time during which each zone broke down:
Frostfire Ridge – 1 hour and 6 minutes
ShadowmoonValley- 44 minutes
Gorgrond – 42 minutes
Talador – 40 minutes
Spires ofArak- 39 minutes
Nagrand – 30 minutes

As one of the loyal fans of WOW, we are so happy for Watola to get this achievement, but we do suggest that he should hang out and have a good time. If you are eager to shot your goal, you can buy wow gold cheap and safe or power leveling at wowtoes to accelerate your mission. So have fun and take care.


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