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Analyze Whether Veteran Edition for Lapsed Accounts Leads WOW to F2P


WOW veteran account mode has made the world boiling, because plenty of lapsed accounts will bring back this game for free with some restrictions. Most players surmise that it should be the first step for World of Warcraft to be turned into F2P, especially in China.

Veteran Account type will pull back lapsed accounts freely

Blizzard has confirmed that Veteran mode revealed in WOW 6.1 PTR datamining will be introduced in a later time. That mode will share the same restrictions with Starter Edition mode. For example, heroes in veteran accounts can only reach level 20 with a maximum of 10 wow gold. Besides, Veteran Edition accounts would not allow modifying calendar events, shouting, whispering to players not in the Veteran’s friends list.
But fortunately, your sub-level 20 characters will be able to join a guild if any of your other characters are still in that guild.

Is it a sign that WOW will go to F2P?

Blizzard has confirmed that Veteran mode will be the default state for accounts that don’t currently have an active subscription. Thus, there are more F2Pers in WOW. Will WOW turn into F2P step by step? After all, it is a tendency that venerable games bring money via subscriptions to change. Plus, WOW holds such advantages absolutely, especially in China and Asia.
F2P segment is larger than P2P in China and Asia so that shifting the game to F2P will gain far more potential players, even up to 1.5 times as many new users as before. Besides, based on the huge size of wow subscribers, there will be a great deal of money pulled in by Blizzard from subscriptions to change, supposing that Blizzard pull in $15 from each. But will Blizzard harsh to make such decisions for WOW?


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