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Tips on how to entertain detaching the high scores

Treatment of high scores free of charge players was the most significant indication that Jagex cares so very little about it’s player base. No person could defend them doing the work while using the usual “it is a business” nonsense. It had been greed. And an unnecessary greed during this.How is it that liberated to play players obtain it? We pay for the experience they are providing.. whenever they desire to be included in the high scores then MAYBE they ought to pay for it?

If we’re able to get everything at no cost do you consider there’d be a lot of pay to learn members? why should Liberal to play get free things should they aren’t willing to take their hands into their pockets?

Because only a few player that’s currently f2p is a ‘freeloader’ – and it’s an attribute that -used- to be shown. While i go back from the long hiatus, I needed to match my stats for an old friend’s, but couldn’t because we were both ftp back then… but, we’d both contributed years’ price of membership back in the earlier a lot of the sport. We’d contributed money towards game, a great deal, but we may experienced to purchase a month’s prescription simply to be capable of compare stats on the webpage (which we couldn’t neutralize-game, as I’d long ago lost hitting the ground with said friend, and I’d caused it to be my account locked up when wanting to remember my password, in order that it would be a while before I really could visit).

It once was available, and from now on it isn’t. For me, it’s really an inconvenience than anything (since now my only concern is i can’t compare my stats to my buddy’s), but I realize you will find others who’ve contributed greatly to the game financially and time-wise, who must be able to see their progress listed with everyone else’s. So, yeah, ftp should be in the highscores. To state otherwise just signifies that you’re greedy for rank-age.


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