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Popular Idea of Grand Exchange Interface in RS 3 from Players

The current Grand Exchange interface in Runesape looks good generally. But if you want to make it fit to 8 GE slots, it needs a further improvement actually. Recently, some player has done a good job for GE interface revamp, and Jagex has taken it into consideration in the game. Once it works, it will be more convenient for you to purchase items with rs3 gold cheap on it.

Major features of revamped GE interface from a player
1. Add a few buttons for equipment, bank, and familiar, and shift inventory to the side.

2. Add the “Item History” and “Sets” tab for quick switching between the essential GE interfaces without having to constantly close and open them.

3. If the number of GE slots increases to 9, it would work perfectly in a 3×3 box with the full inventory on the right, with the collect and money pouch below it.

4. If it is only for 8 GE slots, the middle GE slot can be removed and replaced with some icons that’ll take you to the bank or your equipment screen.

State of backpack and screen size degrade this hatch
In the creation, the backpack stuck in the side seems space inefficient. It should be more reasonable to have it floating by the side or just using the standard inventory like old times.

Besides, a huge amount of RS players play on smaller screens, and they maybe wouldn’t see that much of an effect. Beyond this idea, Jagex should have toggle named GE-simple and GE-advanced or something like that to make it convenient.

For this suggestion, Jagex Mod expressed that they were currently discussing how to make it work in game. If it can be done in a decent amount of time, they will try to make it succeed, in which players can check rs3 items easily and purchase smoothly.


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