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The Legend of Staven

The Twilight Woods is full of depression and a variety of strange events. Presumably the other WOW players know that the Twilight Woods has a gray sky with the great trees over which is appears to be sadder. Add a various events make wow gold become the abandoned place at the foot of Stormwind.
It goes like this:
1. The Defias Brotherhood invaded on Yuxi town which made Staven out of his job. Then he came to the Dark Town.
2. He happened to be the tutor of Flintray. What’s more, he met the heroine of the story Tirona.
3. He fell in love with Tirona at the first sight.
4. He mistook Tirona’s enthusiasm as for his love which made he cannot carry away.
5. However, the reality is that Tirona and her flance are very conjugal love.
6. He had not got Tirona’s love and began to crazy. Then he father and father in his own fantasy and paranoid. Eventually, he killed the whole Flint, including Tirona.
7. He ran away like a coward. Finally, he fell into the Darkness and then emerged as a undead.

This story has mapped a lot of events in reality. When the love you give out had not got reward, people will spread psychological emptiness slowly to look for alternatives. The same to Staven, he consumed by his own demons in the end. There are always some negative emotions suppressed for too long cannot release in life. For this reason, when the bad emotion is outburst, it will be violent. We have no way of knowing whether the forest effect us, however, these negative emotions will give ourselves to destroy. So, the game is not just a pastime, but a good way to experience real life. life is like a game, and we are just one of the players.


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